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Our Story

Regius® Magazine was hatched as the COVID-19 pandemic was beginning to wreak big changes around the world. Since its inception in 2020, Regius Magazine has quickly become an insightful source to a global audience.

Regius® Magazine is the premium digital magazine that aims to bring unique and relevant content by engaging global business leaders, entrepreneurs, institutional investors, family offices, and industry experts to share their ideas, wisdom, and perspective on transformational forces that are shaping the world: MegaTrends:

Unstoppable MegaTrends:

Artificial Intelligence.
Big Data & Blockchain.
Climate Change, Cloud, Cryptocurrencies & Cybersecurity.
DeFi, Democracy, Demographic Trends & Drones.
Electric Vehicles, Equality & Exploration on Space.
Fair Trade, Faith & Family Offices.
Geopolitical Tensions.
Health, Hospitality & Human Rights.

No matter what stage in the business cycle we are – economic expansion, peak, contraction or trough - MegaTrends are unstoppable forces that will continue to drive and shape the future of businesses worldwide. Understanding MegaTrends will help you see opportunities today where others don’t.

Our Team

Pedro David Martínez, CEO
Homero Elizondo, Research
Luis Treviño, Technology

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