Life Insurance: Protect your Wealth & Legacy

The past two years have been rife with uncertainty and disruption. The spread of the pandemic and the accompanying federal response altered everything from market outcomes, supply chain fluidity, to nearly every aspect of our daily lives.

We emerge from these challenges with a renewed awareness of our own fragility and an enhanced understanding of the importance of preparedness. It can be argued that the need to plan ahead has never been more pressing and while we cannot entirely fathom the future, we can prepare for its potential provocations.


When faced with ambiguity, we take stock of what we know. Do we have enough? Have our preparations been sufficient? Our lives change, our family grows, our business prospers and our need to protect what we have earned matures.

“Sapiens qui píospicit.” – “Wise is one who looks ahead.”

Life insurance has long been a tool for holistic financial planning. Providing financial security for families to strengthen legacy goals while allowing businesses flexibility with succession planning.

Securing large policies requires a detailed analysis of your family’s insurance needs coupled with a fiduciary approach to market solutions that limit out-of-pocket expenditure. Global Wealth Financial specializes in designing and implementing these solutions following a comprehensive review of your insurance needs and goals for the legacy of your family.

An Alternative Asset Class.

A life insurance policy is a unique asset class with several advantages. As a liquid asset class that does not participate in market downturns, specific life insurance policies allow for tax efficient death benefits, but also grow cash values which can be accessed during the insured’s lifetime.

Estate Equalization.

Families are diverse and each member of your family has unique strengths and financial needs. As part of your family’s business succession goals, a policy can help equalize your estate, ensuring your business assets pass to those working within the business and that same value is set aside for those who are not. The nature of a sound life insurance strategy allows you to address these differences fairly and in advance. A thoughtful benefit distribution can prevent discord and sow harmony for your heirs.


1 Buy-Sell Planning.

Ensure a partner’s share of a business is reassigned if that partner dies or otherwise leaves the business. A properly strategized and funded buyout agreement provides the necessary structure, liquidity for the family, and peace of mind for all parties involved.

2 Key Man Coverage.

Your business has grown on the strength of your contributions and vision. Replacing your commitment will require capital and planning. Properly funding a succession agreement can afford a business the flexibility and time needed to move forward in a competitive market ensuring that everything you have worked hard to create continues to flourish.

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Your family has come to depend on the income you provide. If something were to happen to you today, would your legacy still support the needs and goals of your heirs and your business? A life insurance policy can ensure that your family has enough liquidity to maintain your family’s business, homes, and current quality of life.

A Legacy of Giving.

Need never takes a holiday. Leveraging life insurance to protect the continued services of your preferred charitable cause is a legacy unto itself. In addition to providing for your family, a life insurance policy can have an outsized impact on the causes most important to you.

A Legacy for Your Family.

The ultimate goal of any sound life insurance plan is to leave a sustainable legacy of stability and security that protects your family and loved ones for generations to come. Unlike investments and other financial vehicles, life insurance is a tool designed specifically for legacy purposes and will help your family retain its financial standing long after you are gone.

Protecting Assets & Paying Off Debt.

While many people own life insurance, the assets they have accrued since they originally purchased their policy can lead to being underinsured. The death benefit may not be sufficient to keep those assets held in the estate while also paying off accrued debts. Identifying and addressing the coverage gap in your existing life insurance policy affords your heirs the ability to settle your accounts without liquidating valuable assets.


Fortunately, there is a solution for these families that require substantial life insurance policies without tying up precious capital in premiums. Premium financed life insurance involves obtaining a Bank loan, which generally lends using a SOFR, LIBOR or Prime base rate plus spread, to cover premium payments on large life insurance policies. This enables the insured to maintain the proper amount of coverage while paying only the interest on the loan.

This Bank loan is collateralized by the cash surrender value within the policy along with outside collateral from the client. This loan is then repaid using the cash surrender value within the policy, the death benefit, outside funds or a combination of the three. Should the bank loan be repaid during lifetime, the remaining cash surrender value can be a valuable asset while the insured is alive and will provide a crucial death benefit upon passing.

A Seasoned and Tenacious Team.

Global Wealth is an independent, private-client life insurance broker utilizing a holistic approach to deliver tailored self-funded and premium financing life insurance strategies to affluent families worldwide. We operate globally from our offices in Mexico City, Miami, Atlanta, San Diego, Lima and Zurich.

Founded in 2009, Global Wealth has brought client-focused and like-minded professionals together to solve protection and liquidity issues for clients. Ranging from all different backgrounds, ages, specialties, and ethnicities, our team offers you a service experience centered solely on a fiduciary responsibility towards the client’s best interests biased only by their needs and goals. Our team believes in knowledge as a priority. Global Wealth empowers and educates clients in order to make the best decision for themselves and their families.

Pablo Fernández

Founder and CEO, Global Wealth Financial.